Know the Issues, Make the Case

Your primary duty as a board member for a BC public library is to advocate for the library in the community. Now is the time to apply public pressure to the Province to retain grant funding for BC public libraries. Understand the funding cuts and implications. Become informed on the issue and be proactive with your advocacy efforts. Point form briefing notes can be found in the Toolkit.

How You Can Help

These essential services must be protected for the benefit of all BC residents. Voice your opinion and show your support for BC public libraries to stop these cuts. Please do as many of the following as possible:

  • Join the postcard campaign by signing and mailing a postcard to the Hon. Premier Gordon Campbell – postcards are available at the community library
  • Call and/or send a letter to your local BC Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) and/or the Minister of Education, Hon. Margaret MacDiarmid
  • Send an open editorial letter to the local newspaper stating your support for continued provincial operating grants for cooperative BC public library programs and services.

Utilize the Toolkit

Here you will find support tools to get involved in the campaign to stop public library cuts in BC. Click on the links below to download and print the points to include in an advocacy letter, the postcard, support posters and more.

Current News Coverage of BC Public Libraries